Sixty Days Feb 23, 2009

Sixty Days – Day 16 from glenn weatherson on Vimeo.

Tony shot me over to Zlog to check out this film project entitled Sixty Days. The artist, Glenn Weatherson is documenting his time spent on house arrest.

This is a new series where I will share my day while being stuck in an apartment on house arrest.

That’s right, I will be outside a total of 6 hours per week. Time to get real.

Pretty funny.

  • Liz

    Weiiiiird seeing my face on here haha.

  • Andrew

    Can I be called an artist too for making videos of me messing up my dad’s clutch, hiding behind a camera when confrontation occurs? Dude burns out his clutch and all he can say is “Well how do I fix it? Yuck.” Grow up.

  • you can do what ever you want and call yourself an artist. The only thing that’s stopping you is yourself.

    I think this series is funny. Try not to get so upset!

    Besides, the newest one talks about getting the tip wet.

  • Andrew

    I’ve turned hating into an art form.

  • I’ve seen better!


    Just don’t hate too much over here, or I’ll delete comments. I like to keep it a little more positive.