Rollout to Slow Roll Feb 23, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah, I’ll admit that I tried to watch this video this morning when I got to work, but when I saw the pogo in the opening scene, I closed the window. Don’t let the skids or pogos hide the fact that this kid has some clean lines.

1:40 – wheel stall to rollout to slow roll

Clean! Like the curb endo pivot to full cab immediately following as well!

  • Justin Av

    Good Contents.

  • what do you mean? do you have something against pogos?

  • dontcoast

    the video got pulled:(

  • no it didn’t

  • Anthony,

    Nothing against pogos. There’s just 1000’s of videos with people only doing pogos and sometimes, I just don’t feel like watching them.


  • i sure saw alot more than pogos. dude is sick!

  • dontcoast

    my computer must have been trippin’

  • That song is SO stuck in my head ritenow