Reissue Don’t Rape Feb 17, 2009

Concor with world champ stripes – late 80’s – pic by me

Why San Marco? Why? Why would you bastardize one of the best saddles of all times? I mentioned a while back that San Marco reissued the Concor saddle, one of my all time favorites next to the Turbos and Unicanitors [which I saw at Interbike this year].

OG Concor Profil – late 80’s – pic by Andy Temkin’s Mom

I will admit, while I was initially really stoked on the re-issue, after seeing them in person, I’m kinda bummed. The classic Concor shows off its back end like a girl with a ton of confidence and a nice ass. It proudly displays its crisp and tight geometry. All the seams are pulled hard against the plastic shell. It’s proud and it lasts for years without coming apart.

new Concors – look at the white leather’s seams – pic by Chari & Co.

The new Concors look like NYC sewer rats chewed the leather out and then used their mucus to adhere it to the shell. Granted I haven’t ridden one, so I can’t speak of the quality of the new molds, but the craft is gone. Even if they are being hand made still, at least cut the leather out with a stamp! Or sharpen your scissors!

Please re-issue don’t Rape!

Cinelli’s Unicanitor re-issue is up next! As soon as I can find one.

  • Andrew P

    “The classic Concor shows off its back end like a girl with a ton of confidence and a nice ass.”

    That analogy made my day.

  • igor

    Any idea on the price?
    I still go nuts for Turbos, but Concor is sexy too.

  • I think around $100?

  • nickinwi

    i really cannot tell the diff on the white saddle…i think your getting your undies in a bundle. do you really think that san marco is going to put its heart and soul into something that wont make nearly as much money as something else? the concor was something on the higher end of the spectrum in the day, and made the company money. low profit margin + low buying population + tough economic conditions = a lower than top quality concor.

  • Maybe I just have a more critical eye for detailing. The white saddle’s cuts are all jagged and the glue is all over the back end [in person] – the photos may have been retouched. Not to mention the way the rails attach to the body and the general lack of stiffness in the mold. I wish I could find a picture of the new saddle that shows the shotty craftsmanship.

    Also, these saddles hit the production line long before the economy tanked. They’ve been in the making for over 2 years.

    My point is, don’t half-ass a masterpiece. The observations I made are no different than people complaining about a movie being made over again, etc. My panties aren’t in a bunch. Just making a point.

    Just like when Schwinn re-issued the Paramount… YUCK!

  • Johnny Sprocket

    I agree…. if you are going to remake something, be it a saddle or a film, at least pay respect to the original and take some pride in the outcome. Don’t just churn it out because you think people will buy it.
    You wouldn’t go see some crappy remake of a classic 50’s movie, so don’t buy a crappy remake of a classic saddle.

  • Nick,

    Look at this pic

    That shit is nassssty!

  • Let’s make a deal
    I send you a Cinelli Unicanitor and you send me an MKE frame, ok?

  • Hey Prolly, if you are looking for the new, re-issue Cinelli Unicanitors, we have both white and black in stock! We also have NOS Cinelli Unicanitors in un-padded red, yellow, and of course black! I can attest that they are improvements over the original, dual-rail unicanitor. The plastic finish and casting are much cleaner than those of decades ago, and not to mention it includes the Cinelli-wing logo on top! A lot of the older unpadded, uncanitors did not have logos on top, as that was normally found on the later, BMX-era uncanitors