Peel Last Night Feb 20, 2009


Andy came out from the suburbs and took some shots of Peel Sessions last night. Even though I told him not to upload the pics, he did so anyway, so I guess that means I can post them here now.


Check out the rest here

  • sam

    Is that just a regular old Deep V up front? I looks neat-o! I take it the 29er rims didn’t hold up well.

    Awesome pictures.

  • yeah, the Suns held up ok but after re-truing and rebuilding them, they just died. Split at the seams. It was nice having a lighter wheelset [over 100 grams lighter], but once you add 35c Randos to any bike, weight become negligible.

    Deep Vs suck for wide tires. I pinch flat / pop beads off all the time. The second the PSI gets lower than 100, the tires just roll off.

    We’re getting some rims from Alex in the mail. We’ll see how they hold up. Wider than deep Vs and about the same depth.