Peacock Groove Feb 23, 2009


Jeff over at Bike Jerks has been documenting a small company’s preparation for the NAHBS.

The company is Peacock Groove and check out the latest from them!


Including this gnarly GNR disk wheel!

I wish I was going to the NAHBS this year, but unfortunately, MONSTER TRACK X is this weekend!

  • wack miami tribal border aside – there isn’t much i wouldn’t do for a g’n’f’n’r disc wheel…

    appetite for destruction; best hard rock record of the 80’s or best hard rock record of all time? discuss.

  • mr poopypants

    For some reason, G n’ R never did it for me. I thought they were still to glammy and had too much attitude. I listened to Anthrax and Slayer because they seemed like they were who they were. Glad Axl is still making royalties, though. His fake face upkeep needs them.

  • I agree, but even Slayer are fakes. They go to church on Sundays. Give me VENOM!