No, You Suck Feb 13, 2009


This is what happens when I vent, to clarify, Ray and I exchanged emails and we’ve talked about the shirt. I can see his point and he sees mine. For the record, I do like Mighty Healthy’s work, which is why this kinda annoyed me.

Karmaloop, the trendy streetwear online shop filled with tired-ass clothing has a shirt by trendy streetwear brand Mighty Healthy expressing how “over” a fad they never were a part of in the first place they are. Karmaloop has a history of wigger jocks venting about “fixies”.

What’s the matter dude, you fall off your bike trying to ride it? At the end of the day, you’re STILL selling a shirt with a track bike on it. Hypocrites. Maybe if you were really into something because you liked it and not because it was or is a trend, you’d understand. It’s like all the people who front off by saying “I was into it, before it was big”. GOOD. Move onto your next obsession. The bike looks like an Affinity frameset too… Really hitting close to home clowns.


Ohh and like this isn’t a rip off of the Brooklyn Chewing Gum cycling hats? You guys ARE aware that that’s a chewing gum?

Thanks Tracko

  • Ray


    You missed the point of the shirt….It’s not that I fell off a fixie bike and got hurt. I actually am going to get a fixie sometime in the near future. I am not really scared to eat shit on a bike either.

    This tee was made to make fun of the people that jump on the fixie bandwagon as well as skate and hip hop. I hope you are not offended by the tee.

    If you still think I suck its ok too girls still like me.

  • Spencer

    50% off lolz…
    Guess it’s not selling.

  • Chris

    @Ray: Yeah, but its easily misinterpretable… About as inarticulate as George W. Bush. I remember getting bummed when skateboarding shoe prices shot up about $30 because people that didn’t skateboard bought them, and I went through a pair about every 2-3 weeks from skateboarding every day.

    I would still think that a shirt that had a skateboard on it and said “You Suck” was lame.

    Its just a flat out bad business decision… Sorry.

  • Chris

    ..Also in high school, I matured enough to encourage people to find joy in something (no matter how they get there) rather than shit on their parade.

    When you figure that out, life becomes a lot more enjoyable.

  • I’ve never understood trying to sell a product based on negativity.. who does the product appeal to? haters? why would a brand aim at negative people as a target demographic? live and let live yo, if a ‘trend’ bothers you, do your own thing.. there’s no need for shitting on other people’s love.


  • Not sure how hiphop or skating has anything to do with this shirt.

    If you have to explain it in the first place, well frankly, you haven’t done very good job have you.

    All I see is a shirt pissing on fixed gears (not ‘fixies’ you twit) for the sake of its visibility and newness. If anything, you are co-opting something that has developed entirely beyond the context of your understanding. For what? A few pithy sales?

    I’m sure you’re double parking your Prius right now…

  • Andrew P

    Personally, I found it hard to interpret this shirt in either way. It doesn’t really make sense. It’s like having a shirt with a picture of bacon and eggs with “What’s up?” underneath. There’s no connection. So, Prolly, I’m not too sure what you’re so peeved with. Though I do commend you on catching the cycling cap “inspired” New Era.

    Ray, the shirt doesn’t really make sense and as such, has little value to whatever demographic you’re trying to appeal to.

    Also, I hate to say it, but even if this was meant as a jab to those of us who ride fixed gear bikes, the post acknowledging it only fed the troll.

  • i agree, a t-shirt graphic that intends on getting a message across should be very clear in its intention. regardless of the intention behind the design, it is saying fixed gear bikes and those who ride them suck and it’s kind of just stupid and very 8th grade. i’m a graphic designer and i understand art as a communication device. My advice to the company/designer: get original and stop using shirts to bash those around you. did you ever think that a lot of people in the fixed gear scene wear t-shirts and streetwear? You lost some money and fans probably right there…bad business decision indeed.

  • Greg Mishka

    Chill prolly! They also did this tee as well:

    and Ray grew up skating (hasnt stopped)

    stop being so hoemotional!

  • ben

    As Andrew said, graphically there’s no connection, and unfortunately trying to pass it off as “This tee was made to make fun of the people that jump on the fixie bandwagon” only makes the combination of the hat and the shirt, produced by a company with little to no reason to try and make that statement (see: no history in cycling) – ultimately look like they are indeed jumping on the bandwagon.

    Riding a bike of any type doesn’t suck at all, hope you have fun with it.

  • greg, the term is butt-hurt, not hoemotional. Everyone’s made good points. Bottom line is, somewhere there’s a niche market who will always be offended by a shirt with an object on it and the words “you suck”.

    Didn’t help that it’s an Affinity frame as well!

    Anyway, time to get back to work.

  • Ben

    Why does the hat say Bucktown?

  • iansmash

    well fuck…now i want a shirt with a plate of bacon and eggs on it that says “what’s up”

    or a hippopotamus surfing on a hotdog that says “lets party”

  • tedpowerphoto

    i love this shirt if only for the irony i could achieve whilst riding my track bike and wearing it.

    i have a t-shirt by 2k and artist tom sachs that has a 9mm on it that says “kill all artists”

    i don`t want to do that.
    and hell i guess as a photographer it would be bad for me.maybe i should be dead.
    while wearing it i`ve got all kinds of guy tried to fight me since he`s an artist…..i think me laughng made him think i was crazy.then others think it`s hilarious.


    shitty self deprecating humour rules.

    i suck,you suck we all suck.

    sucking is the new rad.

    it`s a good thing ive got a sense of humour or that shirt would kill my self esteem.
    it`s bad enough when the messengers give me shitty looks.i don`t think i could deal with the same loof from thedude in the civic… might make me back-end a bus..

    but really prolly,the dudes that will take offense to that shirt on a daily are the dudes that do it for a the fad-ness, not the peeps out there sweatin it up and tryin hard to stop quick.

    the skinny pant kids with no foot retention……well they should be killed…but cabs and buses will do that.

    being an asshole is fun prolly. get that ray dude to give you one of those shirts and try it. at the end of the day YOUR the one smiling.

  • tedpowerphoto

    i cant even imagine the amount of emails you deal with.or the comments from ass-rags.

    i imagine you have to deal with petty shitty hate all day.

    so i won`t add mine.

    prolly your blog is rad.1 of 4 i check daily.

    get angry about shit.thats what the internet is all exhange of anger.

    keep posting.i`ll keep reading.

    p.s.- i admire that even though you admit to exchanging emails with the dude yuo don`t back down. BALLS.
    i wo`nt either, just thiught i should pat you on the back for the info you`ve shared,

  • Dave

    skateboarders seem to be more open to irony…cuz we play with toys. i think the shirt is funny

  • who dat

    Oops… someone played themselves… what’s new?

  • Ray

    Wow …. I guess people real care about what you put on tees.

    Ethan I don’t really care about sales and I won’t be double parking my Prius since I don’t have one. If you want I can give you a hug. Sorry for being a twit.

    Cheer up buddy don’t be so angry

  • Ray

    I think I want an Affinity Bike now….

  • Denis – Mighty Healthy


    Let me just say that I am always happy to take the hate along with love we get in this business. Thanks to Star&Bucwild (wiki it) I’m bit of an objective hater myself.

    Inevitably, you’re always bound to make something that will piss someone off for whatever reason, and believe me, I am not gonna try and convince anyone to like MH or the stuff we make, I do however want to just address a few of the comments in the thread.

    We made 3 “hater” shirts in this series. 1 for skate posers, 1 for wack mc’s and 1 for the fly by night fixie scenesters. All of which we come in contact with almost every day. Additionally we made a tee in the same season with an exploding champagne bottle that says “Get off the bullshit” It was definitely a reoccurring theme.

    The kneejerk reaction by some who think we somehow are talking to “anyone who rides a fix gear bike” is just ridiculous. Some of our best friends ride fixies. (-ironical humor)

    And yes we reappropriated the Brooklyn Chewing Gum cycling hat, which the last time we checked pre-dates the current renaissance of fixed gear enthusiasm. The connection for us was the Mars Blackmon character played by Spike Lee in the 80s Jordan campaigns. The Bucktown reference is an alias for Brooklyn. Some of you recent Willy’burg transplants may not connect with that. It’s ok ;)

    For the guy who didn’t like the font, sorry; next time I’ll use Futura Bold.

    So thats our deal. We obviously never intended to offend this community. It would be like us telling Christian Hosoi or Rakim that what they did sucked too.

    Mighty Healthy

  • Brilliant. The moment someone from the outside starts hating on us, we all stop hating each other and start hating on them instead.

    Perhaps we’re not doomed after all. Maybe we need more of these?

  • Denis,

    Good points and yes, I am well aware of Star and Bucwild, Bucktown [Smif n wessun] reference and the significance of the Brooklyn cap. Regardless of where I grew up, I wasn’t sleeping when all that was going on. Not everyone can be born in NYC. And most the people I know that grew up here never rubs in the “transplant” thing.

    The combination of the shirt and the hat just seemed a little catty to me at the time of the post. Especially since I’ve never seen MH be involved with bikes at any point. You guys are deep into Hip Hop and Skateboarding though, hence the confusion.

    I still can’t believe you put fixed gears in the same category with hip hop and skateboarding. Especially since to most people, fixed gears don’t come close to the influence that the 90’s skateboarding scene and hip hop scene had on the culture of youth worldwide.

    I was also riding bikes long before the “fixie” explosion – by the way, most people hate the word “fixie”, and will still be riding bikes far into the future.

    At the end of the day, it is just a tee shirt. It is what it is and Ray and I have spoke on the phone about it.

    Take care and have fun at Magic.


  • iansmash

    I guess the thing that bothers me about this is that he says…”we never intended to offend this community”

    I don’t think you should be making statements like these if you’re not even part of this community. You’re just trying to capitalize off of it.

    To us, we are not your cohort, we are your target market…and THAT is whack.

  • iansmash

    I guess the thing that bothers me about this is that he says…”we never intended to offend this community”

    I don’t think you should be making statements like this if you’re not even part of this community. You’re just trying to capitalize off of it.

    To you, we are not your cohort, we are your target market…and THAT is whack.

  • kale

    Designer Ray-
    I don’t get it – where’s the irony on the ironic T?

    “I actually am going to get a fixie sometime in the near future… This tee was made to make fun of the people that jump on the fixie bandwagon.”

    Oh, there it is…

    Maybe if you incorporated a diagram of chain-suck it would sell. Plus, the “geared” bike market is still larger.

  • Ed G

    What’s a “fixie?”

  • Charles Nelson Reilly





  • There isn’t really much else to say or any reason try and be clever or whatever. The whole thing summarizes like this:
    MH made a wack shirt.
    MH got called on it here.
    MH says ‘Nah dude, we’re totally core and you got it all backwards, shits ironical, we hate hipsters and late adopters too’
    MH uses verbiage and colloquialisms indicative of late adopters.

    The moral: Don’t make a wack shirt with a dubious and unclear message in regards to a scene that you’ve heretofore had no involvement in and expect them to ‘understand’ what you’re talking about. Especially if it is derisive in nature.

    I expect to see more MH stickers in all my favorite men’s rooms around the city.

  • Charles Nelson Reilly


    “Skateboarding ruined my life shirt”

    Track Bike dudes are so noob at this point, they deserve some ribbing. Get over it dudes. Its all in fun. Have a laugh at yrself…because basically you guys are all rollerbladers to all us SINGLE SPEED MOUNTAIN BIKERS!!!

    BOOYA! ;)

  • Charles, I’ll ride my MKE SS and go MTB with you anyday man!

    Can we puuuuhlllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeez stop commenting on this thread? I’ll start getting Russian Porn Spam in a matter of hours!

    I’m totally getting one of these shirts now.