New Trick Track Forums Feb 20, 2009


Looks like Mosher’s been busy over at Trick Track. He dumped the old free forums database and has gone to his own URL. This new splash page has images of riders from all over the country.

  • We’ve been working really hard over at Trick Track to make things bigger, better and more professional. No more ADs, no more ‘freeforums’, all much more legit and a fully functioning front-site is coming soon!

  • iansmash

    thanks for the support john!

  • haha It does indeed appear as though I have been busy! However most of the effort to make the new site happen has been put in by Phil and Alex, I just wanted it to exist!

    Thanks for spreading the word that we changed the URL!

  • AlbertoDeKosta

    Sorry, wrong topic. :ups:

  • inillaglync

    thanks a lot for this