Nate’s a Hater pt. 2 Feb 10, 2009


When I met first met Nate, he didn’t like “East Coast Riding”. He was into skids and rollouts. Ever since he’s been coming out to Peel Sessions and riding on the weekend, he’s slowly been saying he wants a trick bike. He rode Jeremiah’s BMW and was amazed at how much fun it is to ride a bike meant for a beating.


Since getting my Milwaukee, we’ve been actively discussing the changes that will need to be made. I only had a few critiques of the large frame, but wanted some more critique on the small and mediums. Tony Fast is riding a small frame in Philly, but I wanted some local feedback.

I pulled a few strings, sold my soul and got Nate and Chris a prototype.



The guys rode the bikes for the first time tonight and after dialing in the fit a bit, both acclimated pretty quickly. Nate even surprised all of us…

Nate’s a Hater pt. 2 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

This was after an hour and me telling Nate to “humor me and try a 180”. One SFr’s been converted. Who’s next?

More pics here.

  • Big Red

    How is that Milwaukee frame treating you so far? I’m a bigger guy and I’ve broken a few frames in the last year and I’m hoping this will be the last frame I need to buy for a while.

  • no offense Josh, but you were riding NJS frames that were meant to make all left turns and be thrown away after a race!


  • Steve

    Holy crap! It’s Nate! I met dude around the time of the fools gold rush race, and when people would hang out at the polo fields. A really fun time in SF. I miss it there, and can’t wait to get back at the end of March for a visit.

  • hustlejr

    If he’s riding h plus sons on that bike I’ve lost faith in humanity.

    Well, kinda.

  • NA3S

    Do the small and medium frames have brake posts? I can’t see any in the pics. If there are, they just removable post 990 mounts like BMX frames???

  • hfwido

    What the fuck! Nate! Damn son! Hahaha, so sick!

  • Chris

    What happened to that H+Son?

  • nothing. Just sounded like shit. The tire bead came off the rim. Rim is fine.

  • Tracko

    Nate is so bad at bikes!

  • Chris

    Thats good. That would be the last thing H+S needs after the zesty taco blog explosion thing.

  • Kenny

    So did nate break the rim?

  • did you read the comments?

  • flaco

    Who makes those tires with the reflective band? And where can I find those?

  • buddy

    i just got some of those twisted pc pedals and they feel great!but when i put the clips on my foot feels really far forward on the pedal and the clearance isn’t very good even with my 26″. just curious what kind of setup you guys run as far as clips/straps on platforms like that.