My Milwaukee


My Milwaukee


Today I spent a good 6 hours riding the new Milwaukee Bicycle Co fixed gear. It’s the most stable bike I’ve ever ridden. No rear triangle flex, no overlap and a solid front end makes it handle like a Beast. After I got over the initial shock of having a top tube again, I began to throw the bike around. The steep HTA [74.5°] and the longer top tube really increases maneuverability with spin tricks. 180s are easier and anything with a g-turn initiation feels much sharper.

We rode from Williamsburg over to Chinatown, down to DUMBO and further southwest to Red Hook. I rode all day, doing 180’s hitting gaps and all the normal riding we go through and not once did I feel uncomfortable with its movements.

I’m sold. Seeing this project come to life has really made me stoked to ride! Still not sure on availability or pricing, so don’t ask. Once I find out, I’ll post the information.

Pics below and bigger here.