MKE Barspin Clearance Feb 5, 2009


Enough people have asked me about this, so here it is; well the Large frame anyway. Also, an update on the weight of the frames.

S700 Fork (uncut steerer): 2.4lbs.

Surly Pacer Fork (uncut steerer): 2.2lbs. (for comparison)

S700 Small (will be slightly lighter with new geo): 5.9lbs.
S700 Medium (will be SLIGHTLY lighter with new geo): 6.1lbs.
S700 Large (will be SLIGHTLY slightly lighter with new geo): 6.2lbs.

Also, for comparison, a Surly Steamroller’s weight (what I was riding before)

Frame 56cm = 4.5 lbs. (2.0 kg)
Fork – uncut =1.87 lbs. (0.85 kg)
Frameset = 6.37 lbs.

Not bad for a diesel – fixed gear! With two gussets! To prevent things like this.

  • Justin Av

    Brutal bike..intense clearance. You should use some electric wizard for a next video you do

  • TOM

    Look at those skinny little bitch tires.

  • Travis Lee

    Not to be a dick because I know everyones asking you, but how much longer til we find out the price?

  • Justin Av

    yeah that video is awesome, smooth if I might add. We need people throwing some sludgy and more doom shit into videos!