Meet Alex Feb 10, 2009

Alex audition tape – 10 minutes from Luke Stiles on Vimeo.

Alex is your worst nightmare come turn 4. He’ll devour you whole. Check out this intimate interview Luke Stiles shot of the World Champ.


Andy at Fyxomatosis just reupped this old photo of the beast in training.

  • Luke Stiles

    Learn how to spell my name please.

  • dope

  • Charles Nelson Reilly

    Bro…ease up on those weights.

  • Charles have you ever raced at a Velodrome before? Have you seen what Professional track racers look like?

    You think you get that big doing skids?

  • Charles Nelson Reilly

    actually, yeah bro I have.

    Check Ken Harris…he destroys and isn’t built like a Gorilla.

    All that muscle mass aint doing anybody any favors. Obvs that dude Alex can def. kick butt. Im just sayin


  • Hour records aren’t match sprints. Fast Twitch vs. Slow Twitch. Win and Outs, Miss and Outs aren’t match sprints!

    Ken Harris’ hour record is pure endurance. He’s not a sprinter.


  • Charles Nelson Reilly

    Hey dude,
    u looked cute riding down Graham carrying flowers for yr GF!

    nice work bro!!

  • Never knew luke styles was such a beefcake.

  • Never knew luke stiles was such a beefcake.