Klein Bottle House Feb 10, 2009


McBride Charles Ryan chose the parti diagram of a klein bottle for this house in Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Not sure how precisely it mimics the geometric formula, but the execution of materiality is pretty spot on!


  • ryan

    it great when abstract math and concrete architecture can meet…

  • bobby

    who lives in these houses???

  • peter


    and art snobs.

  • Not true. A lot of architects don’t want to live in their creations. We actually designed Santiago Calatrava’s townhouse. Many reside in all white / minimal boxes.

    To answer Bobby’s question, a lot of people want houses that stand out from the vernacular. Not really art snobs, but people who are into design. If anyone, including you Peter, cares about aesthetics [bikes included], it’s not too far-fetched to imagine them wanting a well-designed house.

    We’re doing a similar project for a guy who is into software programming and is a PHD. But he still collects crazy art and obscure toys.

    Not everyone with money is a snob is my point.

  • bobby

    yeah i can see that. im really into the pre-fab houses. some people get really clever with the designs. something minimal and awesome is what id like

  • Adam Murray

    Props to the Aussie architects for doing a beach house that does not include timber slats….