Indianapolis Heads Up! Feb 12, 2009


Ever wanna see where Burd and Shawn live but you’ve never had a reason to go to Indianapolis? Well, now you’ve got a pretty damn good reason. The 5th Annual Handmade Bicycle Show has come around again. This year, it has landed in Indianapolis.


The guys have also organized a Macaframa premier. Come see Nate go into the back of a Suburu again! It never gets old! Haters never die!

One way or another, I’ma try to make the drive out.

  • dano!

    yes, come here!

  • jmf

    cant wait

  • austin

    It’s going to be interesting to see how the Nascar set will respond to downtown Indy crawling with dudes on bikes. If you haven’t been told to “get a car fagget” by a 300lb woman ridding shotgun in a Chevy pickup with giant number 3’s painted on the side, GET HYPE.

  • I get told that by 300 lb Puerto Rican men in SUVs blasting reggaeton instead.

  • austin

    “I get told that by 300 lb Puerto Rican men in SUVs blasting reggaeton instead.”

    This should be a photo series

  • the “get off the road faggot” photo series…

  • AJ

    I get told that by rednecks in giant 3ft lifted trucks blasting pat green and other shitty texas country.

    this should be a coffee table book
    “the regional ways people hate cyclist”

  • This whole weekend is going to be dope. We’re tricking around after the premier, if you care to join us John.
    Also, if anyone happens to find themselves in Bloomington, IN tomorrow, we’re having the first event in the 3 part Show Up Classic. Info at