Hey Andy Feb 25, 2009


Looks good and all, but we done did that shiiiiiiiiiit.


My HTA is steeper than yours. My HTA brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours, damn right, it’s better than yours….

Also mate, aluminum doesn’t take abuse all too well! 4130 for life!

Up next, intercontinental wars. One red beard vs. another. Two NC educated boys battling it out over barspins on track bikes. Who will win? Obviously Andy, since he’s faster!

Cheers mate.

  • Not to try to correct you, but isn’t Andy’s bike a Swobo Sanchez? Which is a steel frame…

  • It is not a Sanchez, it’s an Avanti, which is Aluminum.


    there are other compact geometry frames ya know?

  • OK thanks, I thought that I had read that it was a Sanchez. Thanks for the correct information!

  • oh no worries. I’m just talking e-shit to Andy. I think it’s rad that he’s addressing this on his site.


  • el grizz

    i went “oh that’s kind of interesting looking.” head on over to fixamatosis, and BAM, that fork is atrocious.

  • I love your bike, It clearly exists for one function. To not break.