Fixed 3 Feb 19, 2009

Fixed 3 from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

As promised!

  • this is sick.. and makes me not want to go in the office today.

  • ive read alot of peoples comments about toms wide bars but ted and tony have em too in this don’t they? eh, i really dont care this is an awesome vid and tom is super agro and always pushing the sport. sweet.

  • DH, Freeride and other cycling sports use wider bars for control. Bars should ALWAYS be at least as wide as your shoulders. Wider bars just let you use leverage when needed.

    People with skinny little bars don’t know any better…

  • This is really great! Super fun and different. Where did you get the Swindonians – I have never seen them anywhere else but vinyl? Thanks so much.

  • EddieZero

    Great songs! Personally I am not into tricks on my fixie but the nose manual and wallride were legit as fuck!

  • Terry B

    those nose mannies are on point!!!!

  • absolutely gorgeous cinematography.. why oh why am I stuck at work right now, instead of out riding..

  • Spencer

    Awesome vid for sure. I liked the little commentary with Tom too. Gave a little insight into the sport.. Charge still hasn’t put it on their podcast yet though!

  • Duke

    so awesome. they ride so hard

  • Gavin

    Sorry but does anyone know what pedals and toe clips/straps tony is riding???

  • Gary Ellis

    That had a feel good feeling to it.