VAGX Jan 25, 2009


No, this isn’t about a half – sober vagina. VAGX Urban Portable is a Korean company that is responding well to the ever-popular fixed gear portage demand. Their bags have great colorways, vinyl windows to display stickers and from what I can tell, look very similar to the SAG stuff.


The bags look cool, but having the word “VAG” across your back is exactly the kind of fodder Bike Snob is looking for!

  • wussup

    Korean seriously need to come up with something original instead of making japanese knockoffs.

  • doodoobrains

    BOOOOO they copied everything from the name and the lettering design. who wants a “vag” on their back?

  • Chris

    Congratulations on the Snobbing again.

  • tdhk

    yeah, they are pretty good knock off artist. Its pretty weird though, it looks straight fashion. I’m sure they are pretty functional.

  • DBR

    nice alleyoop to the snob :)

  • Alex

    I liked the Vagx stuff enough to ship an order across from Korea to the UK to see how they sell. I’ve been riding around with my rolltop for a week or two now, and my messenger arrived today. The volume of the rolltops are ridiculous, I can easily carry a small person around in it. Plus the bag is really sturdy at full capacity and the strap system takes a lot of the weight from your back which makes it easy to cycle around. I’ve yet to try out the messenger bags, but I’ve filled it to full capacity and carried it around the house and it feels really comfortable.

    I’m covering Europe for sales at if anyone is interested, trying to get a few of these bags on European streets in place of Sag ones which I see everywhere.

  • L:

    Rite, I live in London and I hav just browsed the VAGX website..
    In all honesty.. there look way better than SAG..
    For all of u punters that rates Japanese Goods just because they are trendy.. Get a life!!!
    VAGX is a sick brand and there shop in Seoul Korea looks sweet to..

  • Yeah they look sweet, but honestly!? When is someone going to make a REAL bag for REAL people instead of these fashion bags? SAG seems to be decent quality, but these VAJ-bags just look like something a 14-year-old whose just getting into fixed gear riding would buy, right along with their multi-coloured Nike Airs.

    Bloomin annoying.