Turbo Tabo Jan 18, 2009


Continuation of the previous posts I made about new old saddles. I just picked up a Soma Tabo from King Kog in Brooklyn. It’s going on the MKE bike, which should be in this week hopefully! Mounted on my BMW currently is the Grunge saddle, which as you can see has split in the back from bailing on no-handed wheelies.

On top of those are a few of the old Turbos I have laying around. The top one was NOS a year ago. Took about 4 months to look like that. I’m really glad to see some companies making cheap[er] knock-offs. Really wish I hadn’t trashed all those Turbos in the past!

  • Lucca ZERAY

    word i destroyed my san marco laser a 165$ seat thinking it was realy bad but i got it for free so it is good

  • your search box is chewed.
    trying to look back for a DODICI rims post??

  • Edward Scoble

    how does it related to the original turbo so far? I would like to able to get one but I’m in London and it’d probably be a better idea to wait and get some feedback on this saddle.

  • The fake leather isn’t as grippy as the Turbo, or even as grippy as my Grunge saddle. The shell feels similar, but not as bulky as the Turbo. I still love the way the OG turbos ride.

  • Edward Scoble

    Ta mate, that’s very helpful, incidentally enough I managed to find a nice NOS white Turbo saddle for cheep.

    thank again thought.