The Tweed Run Jan 25, 2009


Arktip just posted about a bike-ride organized in London that brought out 150 dapper cyclists clad in tweed and other gentlemanly clothing.

Some great pics are over at I’m Roxy Dammit‘s Flickr. Make sure to browse through for classics like this.

  • Emmet

    this was an excellent ride, and the public’s response was great, in my opinion it beat critical mass, hands down

  • Love it! Such dapper chaps!

    In kind imitation of our British brethren, San Franciscan bicycle and herringbone aficionados will be hosting their own Thursday Tweed Ride!

  • Edward Scoble

    Not only it beat critical mass hand down, it does exactly what critical mass originally stand for, after riding the entire route, I notice that not only the sight of 150 people dressed in 1930’s fashion enlighten people’s day, but even vehicle drivers seemed to love it as well!

    brilliant day, hope to do it again next year.