Profile Steps It Up Jan 26, 2009


Profile Fixed will be pushing through a series of new fixed components this Spring. Get ready! To hold you over till the big drop, they recently posted a “How To” tutorial on how to overhaul your hubs.

I’ve been riding my hubs for over a year and haven’t had to touch them, so I don’t know what all this “overhaul” talk is about!

  • you still have the purple ones??? looking to get rid of them?

  • KeorocK aka “Real Deal”

    I haven’t touched mine and everything is fine. A year plus! They make good parts.

    Go Profile!

  • dontcoast

    Hmmm…what’s with the ISO 3/16 allens?
    doesnt profile know bikes are metric?
    wierd. i hate non metric wrenches

  • 1/4″ SAE Allen keys to take the hubs off. All of Profile’s shit has ALWAYS been American Standard, not Metric. Nothing new to them. It’s not hard to carry an extra allen key with you. Also a theft deterrent. Although I’ve had thieves strip the fuck out of the bolts from trying to jack them. Still, stripped bolts are better than stolen wheels!

  • bailey

    profile products are very hit or miss. bmx riders know this. thus the tutorial.

    when made well the hubs/cranks work wonderfully, but this is not consistently the case.

    there is more to be said of their manufacturing, but we’ll keep this semi-positive because i semi-support the brand.