New Parts Day Jan 25, 2009


There’s nothing like finding the perfect parts for your new project. Just look at this stuff! Gonna look gorgeous on the new Merckx. Yeah yeah so it’s a 1980’s group on a 1990’s frame. Who cares…


  • word son, i ride a concord saddle on my brooklyn. shits the bomb!

  • nickinwi

    not a whole lotta love for the concor here. i have a brown suede one. meh. unlike my white leather rolls, that blows. fo’ sale! turbos are the bomb.

  • hl

    that 2nd photo is a lovely shot btw :)

  • 80’s gruppo on a 90’s frame? Perfectly acceptable. Now a 90’s gruppo on an 80’s frame, well that’s another thing entirely…

  • wilis

    Shmal and c record that beauty up! She only deserves the best!

  • can’t wait to see it built up man! don’t sell it in 3 months though :-P