MKE Prototypes are IN! Jan 28, 2009


The frames just got in!

To test out the ride, Drew built it up with MKE polo cranks, some mini bars, brakes [front and rear] and some saddle just for the pictures. That is raw steel, no paint, so expect some COLOR! Keep in mind this is not my build, it’s just to evaluate the bike’s geometry.

I’m putting Thomson bits, 2″ riders, SOMA Tabo, Sugino 75s and my Profile wheelset on mine. YES you can barspin with a front brake. YES there will be an option available without brake bosses and NO I do not know when they will be available for purchase.

Mine is going to paint tomorrow. Will post updates once it’s in my hands!


and Excess was kind enough to Photoshop out the brakes to give you a better idea…

  • Cadence

    prolly ur whip bettter have some steez, i cant get into that blue

  • boy that didn’t take long to leak.
    i am going to ask drew if i can ride it before you.
    you can have my sloppy seconds.


  • That’s raw steel. Mine is getting painted tomorrow.

    Kevin, If you do that, I’ll wipe my ass with your silk-screened tyvek envelope and mail it back to you!


  • just wait till your mail comes tomorrow.
    Hint: it is not magazines.


  • zam

    What? How are you gonna be able to barspin with a front brake?

  • Potts Mod method. Run your cable through the steerer. The frames have 990 drillings. VERY small brakes. Tony has been riding his fork + brakes for a while now. No issues.

  • Streets

    I’ve gotta say that rear brake is a bad idea. Holy horrible brake angle. The front brake isn’t an issue, as it is routed through the steerer, meaning that the cable is never going to get wrapped around anything, thus no issues.

  • [BMX bikes have rear 990’s mounted like that as well…]

    Anyway, if you don’t like the brake, you won’t have to run it. I think it’s a great idea for MKE to do that though.

  • what kind/style of frame is that? are we going to start making fixed gears for pump tracks soon, too?

    that is really mind blowing

  • Aren

    i only have 3 Questions.
    Can you barspin with the front brake?
    also, will it be available without the brake bosses?
    and finally, when is it going to be available for purchase?

  • im glad i did not get a cutter…

  • Aren,

    did you read the post at all?



    Whats the ratio on that bad boy?

  • Not sure. It’s not built with my parts. That was just so that the guys at Milwaukee could test it out. My build will have Thomson parts, Profile hubs and Sugino 75’s.

    I’ll ride 44:16

  • Sam

    Any word on price yet?
    Looks pretty damn strong, can’t wait to see your final build.

  • looks sick, congratulations!

  • what size is this frame?
    any word on the sizes that will be available?
    looks pretty dope.

  • james

    this bike looks way better than the brooklyns, charges and volumes. it looks like its born to take a beating. good job man not everyone can say they helped design a frame!

    cant wait to see more pictures once you build yours up

  • 3 sizes

    Not sure what size the frame pictured is.

    I think there are 50 framesets available at the end of Feb.

  • I can’t wait to ride the living hell out of this thing…

  • say what?

    Kinda looks like a BMX bike…
    Kinda looks it should have a front shock…

  • jeff

    700c bmx, shit is beautifull.

  • Splint

    Gonna need a detangler if you want to barspin with a rear brake.

  • Andrew

    Pretty good. Prettayyyyy prettayyyyyyyyyyy preattayyyyyy pretty good. I wonder if they’d let me cop a looksie if I stopped by this afternoon…

  • Knockers Out

    I like it, don’t love it, and by no means do I hate it.

    It looks as if it’s gonna work well.
    Thanks for doing the work to get it out there.

  • nathan

    its starting to become a 29er with road tyres at this point isn’t it? why not just slant the TT like a DJ bike to save the nuts? imo the bars are too much and the forks need to be a little more refined. cheers