Kids These Days Jan 3, 2009

Young Groms from John Prolly on Vimeo.

I was at the Polo Pit today riding around working on lines when these two kids came up and watched me ride for about 30 minutes. They approached me and started asking questions so I picked up my camera and filmed them. Young guns soon to be rippers!

Sorry the volume’s so low, but if you turn it up on your computer and in the video, you can hear them fine.

  • Finally,some behind the scene footage.The randomness of riding…..

  • Burd

    Ha ha, that’s awesome.

  • Great blog man!!! Love hearing about what going on up in NYC. It’s great seeing how technology is being used to spread the word about fixies… I am just now getting into biking and everyone talking about fixed gear bikes out there has made it really easy to learn fast.

  • ID

    Very Positive Brah!

  • 5.0

    this is rad man.

    keep the fixed scene posi.

  • Tommy G

    I’m 13 and I ride fixed. I’m surprised that other kids do it, I thought I was alone.

  • Sean Z

    Thats rad you were so cool about it. Sometimes people just have so much attitude flying around it gets me bummed. Right on man.

  • hustlejr

    I feel kinda old now, maybe it’s time for me to retire or something.

  • right on prolly!

  • dy-lan

    hahaha they didn’t know they were talking to a celebrity.

    p.s i love you

  • nickinwi

    man o man…

  • jgrotts

    merciers are cool…

  • i truly hope to see those kids around town.

    also, the angle you shot the first 3/4 or so was brilliant. screen capture!

  • Exaggerating their height. They really were little groms man. Thanks!

  • Can we all make a pact to never use the word “grom” “groms” or “grommet” in reference to younger human beings on fixed gear bikes again?

  • this rules… I want to get my cousin a bike now!
    more kids, please ride!

  • t-bur

    No offense Prolly, but I most definitely did not expect your voice to sound like that at all.

    Great job being cool with those kids. Kids in NYC got more culture than college kids in the midwest.

  • I disguised my voice!