Kanye Wrecks his Cinelli Jan 7, 2009


Just kidding.

This is what happens to your bike when it “mysteriously flies off the bikerack going down the highway” says Kevin from Texas. Pretty crazy. All that survived were the Knog lights! How’s that Mr. Snob?

  • Geography.


  • that suck so much…. i hope he called the rack company and flipped the fuck out!

  • Julian M.

    Hahaha total bummer, I flew over to this post when it popped up on my feed.
    And, Knog lights are invincible, indeed!!

  • the best blog post title of the year so far.

  • kale

    Like I always said: F*ck!

  • Kanye pretends to be a poser but actually thrashed the shit out of that bike. Haha.

  • rogbie

    Another reason to not have a car.

  • woooo! my bike made it onto Prolly’s blog. Now i’m famous! Haha yeah, shitty ass situation. Thankfully I have the support of my awesome friends.

    Oh, and I want that Javelin as my replacement! No one better get it before Friday!

  • kwan

    The knog lights survived in their silicone casing… but I’ll bet dollars to donuts they barely functioned at the start of the drive. Where’s the fork- vaporized?

  • petorman

    i had my bike on that same rack for a long time and i was pretty sketched out about all that.
    sorry about your bike pal.


  • In response to kwan:

    I have no idea, I searched like 100 yards of the highway up and down and that’s all I could find. The whole front wheel and most of the fork is MIA.

  • Colin

    were you traveling at lightspeed? or did someone else run the bike over? or am i just completely misjudging the power of velocity.

  • i find it hard to believe the knog lights still work. maybe its my bad luck, but every single knog i’ve owned has died on me. by died, i mean randomly started flipping out doing weird blinky things.

    pieces of crap.

  • Wuss912

    Why is it instantly the rack company’s fault the bike fell off?

  • petorman

    what that homeowners insurance like?

  • RIP