It Has Begun NYC Edition Jan 20, 2009


Last week Tony got his Milwaukee Package in the mail and today mine arrived. A lot of great parts to go towards the new MKE 700cmx [not the official name of the bike]. Thomson bits, Chris King headset, toeclips!! [dimension clips are great btw], Twisted PCs, a new helmet [slick!] and some new Sugino 75s.


I can’t wait to build up this bike. Should be here soon enough. Well, not soon enough, but hopefully next week?

  • chris

    whats the deal with there forks your riding, when are they going to be out.

  • this thing better be sick if you told me i should wait… but ill take your work



  • JROS

    I wish I could get packages like that in the mail. free of charge of course

  • Forks will be out soon. [not sure specifically] – frames and forks [framesets] will be available in Feb.

    Believe me, the second I hear of availability, I’ll post all the information I know! All I have now are a series of events all waiting to “drop” any day now.

  • tdhk

    if no pics, can you provide some specs?
    -head/seat tube angles
    -fork/ unicrown/drop outs 9mm/10mm
    -bb height

  • how are dimension cages compares to somafab double strap cages.

  • Dimension clips are plastic, so they bend more. They’re also $5. Somas always snapped on me.

    TDHK, all I can say is:

    -next week
    -unicrown [see the pic I posted a bit back?]
    -BB drop is low [heigher BB than most “street fixed” frames]
    -not sure
    -it will have a beer stein on it!


    What are you doing with your old 75s?

  • keeping them!

  • any info on the cost of the ‘MKE 700cmx’? w/and w/o fork?

  • jason

    so you wanna give me a layout to start a blog so i can get free shit!?

  • har har

    this has been a long time in the making!