Iced Out Jan 6, 2009


I’m not a messenger nor have I ever been one, but I do commute everyday. Regardless of the weather, I ride my bike into Manhattan and to work. Today I got off work a bit later than usual. I checked the weather frequently because I knew it was going to rain and snow today. “Snow at 7:30”.

As I got off work, it was raining and by the time I got to the bridge, it felt like there was a 5 degree drop in temperature. As I pulled up to my apartment, I noticed that my whole jacket was frozen. My pants weren’t because they were moving, but my shoulder, sleeves, backpack, beard, everything was frozen. By the time I got the camera, most of it had melted. The rain hadn’t even froze at that point!

  • Dude,

    You’re dead on about the drop in degrees, and it happened over the course of about ten minutes.

    Thanks for the plug, see you on Thursday.

  • welcome to my world.

  • Yeah, I figured it’s nothing new for you people! You also get feet of snow when we get inches and rain.

    Luckily for me, I made it over the bridge minutes before it turned into a huge sheet of ice!

  • s

    try -30 celsius.

  • Where do you live? that’s about -20 F

  • s

    i live in alberta, canada. its not bad now but it often gets very very cold, but i’m sure its also much more humid by the coast! still fun to be on the bike though.

  • rockburn

    spetsnaz holdin it down

  • Shrimp

    And here I am shivering teeth clattering feeling ill and it’s only got down to about 20 degrees F. Maybe it’s because I’m used to 100degree weather. Props to you peeps who can endure the cold!