Hell Yeah! Jan 27, 2009


Hell Yeah! is Juliet from Charge’s fixed-gear metal / hesher bike clothing line. Check out this new drop!

  • That shit slays so hard.

  • Terry B

    What’s the name of this print? I have the same one hanging on my wall. My girl got it for me from Texas?

  • effraim

    Juan Posada is the name of the artist. He was active about 100 years ago and is one of the most famous Mexican artists ever. He was responsible for developing the imagery associated with the ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations.

  • The shirts are pretty cool, but its not cool to steal people’s art and not credit them at all.

  • COlbjorn From TC-MI

    Originality Fail.

    Um i wonder if she considered the fact that there has already been a company called Hell Yes! for quite some time. Dennis bean-Larson of the fixed gear gallerys clothing line. Not too cool at all.

  • Colbjorn

    http://www.fixedgeargallery.com/hell-yes/ Oh yeah heres the link. check it out.and also, Sprints at the right brain brewery on saturday, 31st in traverse city, MI

  • buglesnoo

    I didn’t know there was a Hell Yes! brand either, but then I don’t live in Michigan, I live in Europe… It looks like a somewhat different aesthetic that Hell YeAH are rockin too. I’m sure Posada would dig it if he weren’t dead.

    Haters need to chillax, methinks… Its a T shirt, not a death camp.

  • Colbjorn

    sorry for being at all offensive. I got a little carried away. My friend dennis has been working so hard on his company and and times are tough here in michigan.

    it is a cool tshirt.

    I aint a hater, promise.