Glow! Jan 15, 2009


More and more talk on glowing / reflective bike products! Bens just got an order of glow-in-the-dark Twisted PC pedals! Swoop here while you can!

  • What the fuck happened to the butterflys. Girly man.

  • scissorneck


  • chris

    i bought an orange pair about a month and a half ago before seeing this post and i have to say i like them a lot (big && comfy platform). i didn’t even know they glowed. they weren’t in a box in the LBS…just under glass. but I like them so far. they’re currently on my cannondale mtn bike but i’m fixin’ to order an origin 8 uno probably and will stick’em on that…hopefully they are compatible with Hold Fast straps which are also on ma short list (thx to this site). but, i don’t do trick one (yet), just a commuter @ the moment so that’s my product-opinion-disclaimer.

  • chris

    yeah they are def compatible-the intro image of holdfast’s install instruction page pictures an odyssey twisted in action. duh. sweet.