Gettin a Chub for This One Jan 31, 2009


Jake posted a pic of his new wheel recently and Tracko posted it. Since then, I’ve seen it around on a few other sites, some people in the comments called the wheel a “hypebeast” build. You know what? FUCK YOU GUYS. This wheel is really beautiful. Something about the proportions. When I look at it, the first thing that draws my eyes are the near-parrallel spokes. The matte black definately helps. Now is this wheel “ideal for the streets?”. I’d say sure. We all saw that H+Son explode a bit back and I know Chubs are mostly adhesive but this wheel is really baller.

I never understood why people hate on other people’s sensibilities. Everyone wants nice-looking stuff and as long as this wheel is ridden, I don’t see the point in hating it!


Let’s not forget the Carbon LOL too! [I know it’s 101, just sayin’]


    Always love a good carbon clincher. Wish i could affort one. I bet those bad boys hold up nicely and ride really true

  • lvd

    but the internet runs on hate!

    on the right bike that wheel could look ok. what is he going to put it on?

  • Yo, I totally agree. The proportions on this are obtrusive, but lovely. It is geometric in the best ways possible.

    Would love to see it on a frame.