ENOUGH! Jan 22, 2009


Guys, come on! Seriously. What is it with people these days? If you didn’t take a picture yourself, chances are, you shouldn’t put it on a shirt unless you get clearance from the photographer. If you’re making money off the clothing and you aren’t paying the person who took the photo. SHAME ON YOU.

Support your local artists, support photographers, support local musicians! support your friends! Why are people always doing this kind of stuff? We’re all a grassroots community still so why are people selling out their community?

Case in point.

Merge stole a photo from Mr. Zeta on Flickr and put it on a shirt which they’re selling. Their legal disclaimers also claim that everything on their site is their property. I also see a John 3:16 drop on that page. Come on… seriously? Mr. Zeta did NOT give them permission either!

via Macablog.

  • Truly shocking. “MAKE YOUR OWN TRAILS”, pffft.

  • Yea I saw the 3:16 thing too. I’ve never read the bible but im pretty sure “thou shalt not steal copyrighted material” is in there. Or maybe that’s my copyright law text book that says that.

  • …. people these days

  • petor

    that shirt is wack as fuck. nobody’s gonna buy it, which is what they deserve cause it’s gonna end up fucking them over.

  • Websites down already. Nice work!

  • My bad. Site is up, but the link didn’t work.

  • Official response:

    Hi John.

    We Thank you for the heads up on theft photo’s. We as a company respect every artist and we also pay every artist what we think is worth for there hard work and time. EGREM as a company, every one we hire for graphics is a free lancer and we have no control on what they pitch to us. As a T-Shirt company EGREM is committed to respect everyone’s boundaries and artistic ways. As Of 1-22-09 we will be removing all pictures from the EGREM web-site in till farther notice and contacting the artist that we have purchased image (script) from and all other images.

    Thanks, Joselito.
    P- 818-397-1528
    [email protected]

  • you also forgot to mention the type is a straight rip of the emigre logo. really? you think you can get away with ripping off some of the pioneers of digital type?

  • kenny

    that shirt is pointless. why would you try to market another product with your product? haha stupid

  • While this is a really stupid thing to do, a quick look into Zeta’s Flickr shows that anyone viewing those images can drag them to their desktop and save.

    ARTISTS – Protect yourselves from infringement! It’s your job! And Flickr makes this option available…!

    So shame on both of them.

  • how does flickr REALLY do that? you can still look at the code and get your image. shame on the biter…

  • I agree with Mike. Putting your work on the internet doesn’t mean it’s free reign for some tshirt company to snatch up!