Daisy Duke Rides Again Jan 28, 2009


Andy over at Fyxomatosis finally got done playing around down under and uploaded the full General Lee gallery. Great shots man. You always get me in trouble with the lady!


  • Andy gets all the ladies!!!!

  • Seriously… how do I apply for Andy’s job, I could deal with relocating if it meant lovely pictures like this.

  • christian from ger

    … i love her asss!!!!

  • CB

    Ok, so this is the second post you have done on this. As a woman I DON’T find it offensive, I just find it unfair. Is it so hard to get a nice tattooed guy with his shirt off posing with his bike, playing polo… something? Can I get a calendar with that on it? I get it, but can we play fair on this one? Please?

    FYI, I enjoy the blog and am pretty much just giving you shit!

  • I’ll find some dudes to model in their American Apparel underwear for you ok?


  • blonde or brunette?

  • Andy’s a Melbourne boy. He probably does what every other Melbourne boy does – pays for it.


  • ben

    if you wanna see pictures of hot boys on bikes with their shirts off, then you have to go take pictures of hot boys on bikes with their shirts off.

    Andy wanted a daisy duke/general lee shoot, and he went out and MADE it happen. You’re complaints aren’t changing anything.

    I don’t see any difference in this and hot rod or motorcycle magazine pictorials. WHO CARES?????

    It’s unnerving to have all you ladies complaining that just because there’s a picture of a skimpily-clad young woman with a bike on a bike blog that we’re all perv’s.

  • can we please do a calendar featuring congo, torey, antonyo, ed, schmitt, gus, and all the hard hitters? shit, ill even do it. all i know is that there must be blood, satan, and bikes involved.