Bright Bike Jan 12, 2009

Bright Bike from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo.

One of the reasons why I like posting about an open-ended topic is the slew of emails I get from people in response to said topic. Check out Bright Bike!

Bright Bike is a Retroreflective Vinyl coated bike. It is like coating your bike with a big sticker that turns ultra-brite in headlights.

Right now we are in the prototyping stages, and hope to offer a DIY Kit soon. We just held a bike-wrapping workshop at Eyebeam’s Holiday Hackshop (you can see the video at left) and it was a lot of fun. We also released an instructable, making it clear how anyone can wrap there bike. Check it out: Bright Bike Instructable.

If you can’t wait that long, contact Beacon Graphics in NJ for Scotchlight 680. They have a website: and you can also reach them by phone: 1 800 762 9205.

  • kale

    I think I remember seeing some black reflective kits at Bike Gallery in Portland. But they were really expensive for how little you got (like 15 bux…) and precut into shapes best applied to helmets or rollerblades. Just finding someplace to buy a couple square feet to wrap the main tubes and seatstays of it for a few bucks would probably make it more enticing to more commuters and food couriers.

  • If the Bright Bike is overkill for you, you can always run the LED Aerospokes:

  • Kits are cool, but if you want real reflective paint, call Lance at!

  • nick

    ‘s funny i just threw some white 3m reflective tape (any hardware store has it)on the rear triangle of my beater recently. not as slick as this but does the trick

  • alex

    sorry but so ugly

  • I agree, covering your whole bike with the film that Laek House uses to cover their rims is kinda bobo. It’s cool, but like Krillz pointed you, Powdercoat your bike with retro-reflective paint.

  • bac

    I covered a 650c trispoke in 3m reflective awhile back:

    In the end i came to the conclusion that the wheel was too flexy and heavy, and sold it. But it was cool while it lasted