Antischism Jan 20, 2009


Now I’m not trying to steal the thunder from Jack over at No Gods No Vegetables, but I really want to share this album. I think this was one of the first legit Punk / Hardcore LPs I ever got. My parents were pretty strict about music; usually reading lyrics and such which led me to listening to bands either without lyrics or on ripped cassettes.

Antischism was a politically-charged band from the dirty south before it was called the dirty south. South Cak vegan straightedge! Anyway, check it out! It’s a lot to digest, so check out the following tracks if you’re ADD:

-Elements(Of Oppression)
-The Fist
-Big Brother

Antischism “Discography” swoop it here.

  • d.matt

    Their logo almost became my first tattoo when i turned 18. I remember picking up the Still Life album on vinyl at a Jeromes Dream and Pg.99 show. ahh… those were the days…

  • All killer, no fucking filler. Excellent choice hombre.

  • joshattack

    i recently found out that my former boss at Tri-State Biodiesel did vocals on the still life lp. small fucking world.