All City Groupo Jan 31, 2009


All City looks like they’re getting close to creating an actual street Track / Fixed Gear groupo! Congrats guys, the pewter / black components really pop out. Toestraps, double cages, pedals, hubs, grips… all you need is a bar and stem combo and maybe a frame?


Can’t wait to see the “next drop”. I heard it’s something to ride…

  • Clayton

    Those clips plastic?

  • nickinwi

    looks like the cranks are like the kazane and alien bike cranks…and the clips look like somas…is originality skin deep?? nice none the less.

  • Eric

    This stuff looks good – but Soma already makes those toe clips, pretty much exactly. All City’s hubs and pedals also look painfully similar to what Soma’s been making for a long time now. Both products look (and probably ride) great, but the only thing All City has on Soma is massive distribution through Quality. Kind of sucks how these things work: Doesn’t matter who thinks of it first, just who has the money and connections to get it to market. It’s good to see more of this stuff being sold; just wish All City could have put some of their own personality into some of this stuff.

    Oh well, I’ve been riding a mostly Soma groupo for a while now and it has treated me great. I’d gladly ride this as well. The price on that crank isn’t too shabby either.

  • Andrew

    Ohhh I like the pedals and cages. Any ideas when these will be avail retail? Do you think Ben’s will be carrying them?

  • mr poopypants

    I opened up my new cranks today and all I found was gravel….