Ace Hotel Open Jan 27, 2009


The next time you want to stay in NYC and would like to avoid Times Square, check out the Ace Hotel. There’s everything from a simple 200sqft “Bunk” suite up to a 700sqft “Loft’ suite. Their branding and design is spot-on. Really trying to attract the younger tourists!

One slight correction; the Ace Hotel will be opening in March. They are taking reservations now however!

  • Tanner

    And Stumptown coffee in the lobby!

  • Are they selling Stumptown Coffee???????
    You Have to have some if they do.
    Best in the world.

  • The Ace in Portland is a real treat to stay in. And you can rent Dutch bikes out of the lobby. Of course, Stumptown roasts a damn good bean, and they sure know how to brew coffee. Definitely a great place to stay, when I find myself in NY, I’ll be sure to check it out.

  • Andrew

    Call me cheap, but $250 a night for a 140-200 sq.ft. room with bunk beds? That’s effing gross, especially considering the fact that you can pay half that for a queen size bed and double the square footage just down the street. If I’m going to stay in a pretty hostel I expect to pay pretty hostel rates. Hell, I spent $250 on a month’s worth of pretty hostel on a peak in the Andes, and their coffee came straight from Colombia.

  • Where can you pay half that down the street? Just curious!

    Also, it’s NYC, not the Andes. Big difference. For that location and the amenities, I think that’s a reasonable price.

  • I would stay there just for the Stumptown!

  • I know, apples to oranges, but still, $250 a night for bunk beds and floorspace that would fuck up my yoga routine if I had one….that’s ridiculous. That’s $2k a week. Someone’s going to have to pay me $2k to sleep in a bunk bed for a week. At $8k a month I could get a decent apartment and furnish the bitch, queen size bed from whatever self-important local-artisan-made bed shop I wanted. Could I afford to stay there? Sure. At that price point would I opt for the Sofitel where I have a business account? Yep. Or, as I noted before, stay at L Hostel (because those rooms are nothing more than a hostel with Ikea furniture) and pay $35 a night. With the money I saved I could get a limo to take me to Stumptown Coffee and buy the biggest cup of organic-fair-trade-my-God-I’m-that-idiot-buying-into-a-marketing-scheme coffee my heart desires. Well, that is if I cared about Stumptown Coffee.

    As for the hotels for half the price: I did a search, linked if you click on my name (the URL is a mile long).

  • puck

    Good to hear that they are finally open. I shall stay there next time I visit NYC.
    Me and my crew are regular at Ace Hotel Portland. I think it’s beyound the price that attract us. If you think about price, then you probably best stick to your hostel lifestyle.