Urban Velo 11 Article Dec 31, 2008


I recently wrote an article on Fixed Gear Freestyle for Urban Velo. Well, the issue has dropped so head over and check it out!

Make sure you check their local distributors in your area as well so you can get a hard copy.

Thanks guys! Looks great!

  • Cool article, and an interesting snapshot of our scene today. However I think to leave out keo and his influence on damn near everyone is a mistake.

    Sure Tom L showed everyone that you can do BMX tricks on a track bike, but keo showed us that track bikes can do shit that no other bike can and I consider that more important of a breakthrough.

    Also, I don’t think it makes sense for us to really push in the direction of air tricks and stuff because of the impracticality of getting air on a fixed gear. But that’s just an opinion and obviously everyone is still just going to do whatever tricks they feel like.

    In fact, I like that there are several riders off on their own tangents of riding, we’re still finding out what’s even possible so having these brave pioneers helps us all.

  • I chose to use Tom because I know him and I know how and why he started to ride a track bike and I also feel like he’s pushed the limits in both technical skill and “big airs” more than any other rider.

    I think leaving the ground on a fixed gear is fun and it offers more to riding them.

    If you could put a track bike on a sliding scale; on one side you have artistic cycling and on the other you have BMX. To me, I feel like the BMX approach is more engaging and appropriate.

    Because no matter how hard you try to do things on a bike geared for riding around, the artistic cyclists have been years ahead of us. Hello!? Fakie no handed wheelies!?! Crazy shit! The BMX riding also is more environment-specific. Versus doing flatland stuff in basketball courts, which is what the artistic cyclists do.

    Just something to think about. I’d rather be riding a bike that’s more than just a trick bike. Which was the point of the article.

  • TOM

    I’m sorry Mosher. It will be my new years resolution to keep both wheels on the ground. Psyche, suck my balls. Happy New Years!

  • Now Tommy, 2000Hate is almost over. Play nice.

  • Keo is featured on the magazine’s inside-front-cover. And he basically had a whole movie made about him, didn’t he? Let Tommy Boy have a little time in the sun.

  • dan

    keo wishes he could get up like tom. bootleg sessions inspired more people than some stupid twirly bird trick. keo wouldnt have been riding fakie or doing bunnyhop 180s if it werent for tom and tony. i was in philadelphia at the fff cadence thing. tom schooled him. putting your foot on the ground to spin around in circles looks shitty too.

    tom m. why do you think no other bike can do these tricks? have you watched any old bmx movies. all these tricks were done over 20 years ago.

  • tom – obvi I think jumps are fine, I do them lots too and I’m not saying there’s no potential, it’s just a sorta limited potential

    dan – yeah, I’ve seen lots of old bmx stuff and understand that everything has been done before, but I definitely think we’re riding the bikes in a totally new style. Also, there are several tricks we can do that make use of the fixed gear drivetrain in order to work, that implies to me that you couldn’t do it (quite the same) on a freewheel bike.

    Oh, and for the record I wasn’t trying to imply that Tom’s riding hasn’t inspired tons of people and pushed the sport, I just thought it was worth mentioning keo since his contributions are noteworthy too.

  • tedpowerphoto

    great article prolly. i see what your saying, recognizing that yes there is a shift in the way people set up thier bikes. you cant do the tom l or tom m stuff on a traditionally set up bike.

    i thought it was an interesting take on it.i`m relativley new to the fixed gear bike, so i havent been around to see it progress into what its becoming now.since ive been involved all this stuff is pretty standard fare,what with youtube and riding with mosher. i`m sure some will ultimately bemoan this time as the downturn of track bike riding into a more homogonized sport…like what happened to skateboarding…but we got over it.it did get a little fucked up,and maybe some day you`ll see fixed gear bikes at mall “skateshops” and all the older generation will hate it and bitch and moan(i got heckled the other day as a poseur..i guess i need a few years in before i can be cool)

    it`s impressive to see people getting air on a track bike(and mosher does get air,new issue of cog should have the skitch ad with the photo we shot) and i gotta say this..though i`m sure i`ll get “flamed” or whatever but if you look at the history of skateboarding, the freestyle in a parking lot spinny stuff died quickly and went into the more action based area we see now. which is what`s happening now in fixed gear.and that means good things.the more impressive it looks to an outsider the more this can grow into something that can have real sponsorships, better exposure,more funding for all the people involved be it rider filmer photograper whatever.
    while i cant do any of the spinny stuff or big jumps ( i kinda like just riding) unfortunately people who don`t ride track bikes don`t think it`s impressive.it`s hard to spin around and do 180`s but as an outside viewer the they just see aloy of riding in circles and slow or little tricks…..and they may never get how difficult a keo spin is.but they will be impressed by airs over hips.the un-washed masses like big and shiny.

    the freestyle movement needs tom lamarche and tom mosher and all the others pushing it along if the community in it wants to grow beyond where it is now.for the progressive riders to get full bike sponsorhips and travel budgets there needs to be more money wich can only come from more outside interest…..though it is a double edged sword.there will be fucktards trying to cash in and there will be sincere people trying to help.the fucktards will leave and the sincere people will stay,though it`s hard to see the difference at first.

    i`m new to this and i fell in love with it and i hate to see rifts in the sport,traditional vs. freestyle, the same way it always was and has been in skateboarding hesh vs. fresh……but that was a good article making a case for the new wave.you`ll never be able to write about everyone doing stuff,it`s too much to digest and render into one concise thought. in the past ive written scene reports for skateboard mags and i always left something or someone out,but it was never a slight as i`m sure your one paragraph focus on tom wasnt a slight toward anyone else.kinda wierd to focus on that one paragraph actually.seems like the Tom`s of this world of tricks on tracks are the growth after the catalyst wich was and is the keo`s and the mash guys.evolution.

    fuck ok theres my rant,i`ll shut up now.i`m sure ive said nothing new,but there are paralells to skateboarding here that ive noticed and haven`t seen uttered yet.

  • K-evin

    I’d rather watch lamarche ride than keo anyday. Macaframa seemed like keo just bit off bootleg. So the big guy can do 180s now and footplants and people wanna say that it’s new and since he did it its cool. lamarche has been doing that shit for over a year now and keo just now is trying to play catch up. not trying to start beef just saying lamarche has influenced peoples riding more than keos.

  • tedpowerphoto

    is there a keo vs. tom L thing? like do they hate each other? something tells me no.same with Mosher and tom L no hate on the real i`m sure.

    but in case anyone wanted to speed this whole thing up…keo was the innovator, then there are/were/is mosher la marche prolly etc.etc….and next year?…well the innovators always make way for new innovators influenced by the previous innovators and on and on we go….

  • FV

    keo = “king of what? king of styyyyle.” i ride fixed myself, and have heard the “get a bmx” line a million times. when i see people trying to grab air, i feel like saying the same thing. i DO appreciate the difficulty of it all, but like mosher said- as impractical as tricks on a track bike is to begin with, adding big air into the mix just makes it impractical to the point that its almost comical to watch. i’d rather see people riding with SOUL like keo does any day.

  • FV

    keo = “king of what? king of styyyyle.” i ride fixed myself, and have heard the “get a bmx” line a million times. when i see people trying to grab air, i feel like saying the same thing. i DO appreciate the difficulty of it all, but like mosher said- as impractical as tricks on a track bike is to begin with, adding big air into the mix just makes it impractical to the point that its almost comical to watch. i’d rather see people riding with SOUL like keo does any day.

  • K-evin

    I think prolly was making the point by saying they aren’t track bikes. theyre fixed gears. when tom did shit a year ago everyone said the same shit. now everyone including keo is doing it.

    ride on and quit being a pansy

  • K-evin

    white kids have souls too pansy

  • TOM

    There is no feud between Keo and I. We rode last summer together and had nothing but good times. As for being the “innovator”, I don’t think Keo or myself could take credit for that. I think the true innovators are the people who decided to bring these bikes to the streets in the first place. Mosher you know I’m only busting your balls. It’s the internet, not life.

  • FV

    INTERNET > life