Tioga Gets it


Tioga Gets it


A while back, Drew at Milwaukee sent me some hacked up Wellgo pedals. They’re the result of a conversation we had regarding me constantly getting pedal strike while riding fakie and cornering tightly. Since I’ve been riding them, I’ve yet to get serious pedal strike.

Platforms are more comfortable than track pedals and they last a lot longer for me. I was breaking cages every few weeks. Not clips, cages…

Now, it seems like Tioga has a pedal available that addresses this problem. I thought I had seen them before somewhere, but perhaps not. It looks like D-Spider is roughly the same width as my Wellgos, so I may give them a try.


Drew sent me the following information on them:

All of these will accept standard toe clips, but they do offer their own
adjustable version.
Spyder and the Surefoot are 90x60mm comes with replaceable surefoot pins
D-Spyder is 90x75mm also comes with surefoot replaceable pins
All sealed bearing, cromo axles and pretty light.
Surefoot 125g ea. $75 pr.
Spyder 130g ea. $80 pr.
D-Spyder 155g ea. $85 pr.

It’s a shame the retail is so high, because pedals always get thrashed when you’re using them for tricks.



These also come with a 35 piece spike kit and their own wrench. Sorry for leaving this out before.