Stupor Bowl XII Dec 30, 2008


I’ve been told this is the best that Minneapolis has to offer. The longest messenger-run alleycat in the US. Older than the NACC’s and even Monstertrack! The 12th-annual Stupor Bowl is neigh.

Check out race info and updates at the Bike Jerks blog!

Edit: NYC’s Halloween Race has been going for 14 years, so technically, it’s the longest messenger-run alleycat in the US.

  • Andrew Y

    I did Stupor Bowl 10th in 2007 and there is honestly no other alleycat like it. The temperature at the start of the race was -3 degrees F. Throw in wind chill and were getting into the -20s, breathing hurt, moving hurt, and I had so much clothing (PI balaclava + snowboarding hat, 3 or 4 base layers beneath a winter jersey with a shell on top, hot pads duct taped to the top of my shoes), that I could barely walk. Something ridiculous like 200 people started the race. In that sorta weather it was just unbelievable. The drinking, the length, the distances that people travel from, Stupor Bowl is in a class of its own.

  • scissorneck

    do it every year…. key element is whiskey…..