Stolen Grips Dec 22, 2008


Grips that last and are comfortable can be one of the hardest bike parts to find. I went through a ton of companies before I found a grip that worked for me.

Stolen BMX has these grips, called “Money Grips” that are performing well beyond their $10 price tag. They’re nice and grippy without being sticky and hold up really well. A lot of the mushroom-style flatland grips wear out really fast and rub off on your hands after just a week. I’ve had these for at least 2 months now.

Be sure, if you’re using them on a standard riser, to get aluminum bar ends since the plastic ones won’t fit your MTB bars. You can get the grips at Dan’s Comp on the net or at Affinity Cycles in Brooklyn if you’re in NYC.

Look! Colors too!

  • Andrew

    I wish they had those celeste ones in a track grip variety.

  • vince

    they do but its in the “team” style. Which to me looks exactly the same as the money??

  • Laali (Jake)

    I had them and loved them!
    I gave them to a friend of mine in AZ

  • erik

    thanks for recommending these! I’ve been putting together my trick bike and I needed grips..didn’t know what to get so I got these and they’re perfect! thanks again!