Speaking of Grinds… Dec 8, 2008

NYC NIGHT EDIT EDWARD LAFORTE from Edward LAforte on Vimeo.

More from the world of Wonka! Big grinds and nice combos. Skid plus rollout looks bad ass too.

  • look at this maverick. the swagger is strong with this one.

  • wilis

    The riding is nice! I don’t think getting up on film showing your face with your full name in the credits is the smartest thing. Longevity over a flash in the pan.

  • I agree… He should edit that out.

  • motivatedbyhate

    especially since its kinda toy – ya edit that out

  • A drunk person edited this. Eddie lives!

  • chris

    whoever said wonka is better than you on trackosaurus is wrong. neither of you are better than the other. you have different styles. wonka shreds, but is sloppy and hes only got 2 tricks. he cant roll backwards and i’ve never seen him do anything but that 180 combo. youre more techie and your stuff is smooth. style is a lot in this sport and since the bikes are already ugly for tricks style means a lot. keep up riding nyc has some good kids now. wastn always like that. come out to union square at night sometime.

  • I don’t really take anything said on Tracko to heart. Wonka’s a good kid. NYC does have some strong riders and it’s getting better. I’ll roll through Union Square more often. I’ve heard that kids meet up there. Answer your email I sent you!