Outlier Winterweight Hoodie Dec 17, 2008


The second installment of Outlier’s Workwear Week is now live. Check out this hoodie!

Next up in our experimental drop, the first Outlier hoodie in our Winterweight fabric. The cut is clean and minimal. Raglan sleeves for a full range of action, a big hood that can go over helmets and a long back to keep you covered when riding. An elegant yet tough winter layer that works flawlessly as a spring jacket too.

The Schoeller Dryskin Extreme + 3XDry fabric is perfect for the cool and the cold months. The inside is a heat retaining fleece, soft and warm. It stretches, breathes great and wicks moisture away from your body for maximum comfort in both motion and stillness. On the outside it’s highly water resistant to keep the elements from ruining your comfort. The exterior weave includes Cordura for real durability and abrasion resistance. When I first tested this fabric I crashed a bike, the bike was ruined, my body bloody and the fabric barely even scratched.

The cut runs classic, a bit smaller than the inflated sizes of many contemporary American brands. Designed to be the second or third layer from the skin. If in doubt between two sizes, or if you want to rock it with big sweaters underneath, err towards the larger size.

Limited edition of 9 and not in full production until next fall at the soonest. Ships in January.

  • Tony Balls

    Similar hoodies have been available for a while for less from Swrve.


  • Where is the Swrve stuff made? Is it handmade in the US? Bottom line is there are always similar products available. I had a Swrve hoodie last winter and they are indeed nice. So nice that someone stole mine from a party.

    You also are aware that different performance fabrics can increase the pricepoint? Not sure if the Swrve stuff uses the 3XDry fabric, but the Outlier joints do.

    Cordora is also very resilient.

    Bottom line is, jackets like this will begin to compete with similar models and when it comes down to it, the higher performance is worth the extra $40.

  • lol

    prolls you’re in a combative mood lately ;)

    outlier hoodie looks pretty nice. and the price point is pretty good considering the number of streetwear brands that are asking close to that for all cotton printed hoodies with no technical performance capabilities at all.

    The Swrve stuff is also either schoeller (i think 3000) or a Gore-tex fabric and is (or at least was) made in the USA as well.

    Its kind of like debating Bailey vs R.E.Load. Both make dope bags, in the US, by artisans. Look and feel and price are up to you as a consumer, but its great to have options.

  • not trying to be combative. I just couldn’t find on Swrve’s site where they were made.


    Good points CK.

  • john

    i would probably pick this up if i were in the market for a hoodie. i have a pair of their original pants and they are amazing. once i have the cash im getting the wool ones as well. their products are expensive, but i think it’s well worth it to get a well made garment, put together by real people, that’s designed to function while riding.

  • i helped design the swrve hoodie. all there stuff is made in the us. i think it is AWESOME that all these companies are creating cycling specific Clothing. the more the better. especially ones with no logos. this one looks dope. i would love to try this one out! looks very similar to the milwaukee hoodie.
    i love hoodies and cant get enough of them. does this have pockets in the back?
    I Am still waiting for someone to come out with a durable shoe for riding clips and straps. the best i found is the addidas superstar. the shell toe rules.
    nice post prolly.

  • ben

    Man, my winter jacket is made of schoeller fabric and I can’t say enough about it, stays incredibly dry and warm in the worst weather. I’m tempted to buy one of these, but it’s just too close to the holidays.