Outlier keeps rolling out the goods Dec 2, 2008


Tyler and Abe at Outlier just told me about the new Wool pants and hats they’re releasing tomorrow.


Read up below:

This week Abe and I are releasing our Wool Lotus Trousers and Wool Lotus Cap in charcoal gray. The cap we made in collaboration with our friends Victor and Zach from Victor Osborne. They share the same vision that quality garments can be made right here in New York City, so it was pretty easy for us to work together and create a great looking cap.

And to follow up our previous releases, comes the OUTLIER Wool Lotus Trouser.

More information is here. Keep it warm and classy guys!

  • duppy f

    I guess there can’t be a recession happening after all, if people have $240 to spend on pants.

  • … people spend more money on quality all the time. Why else would you buy Phil Wood hubs over Formula? Wool’s not cheap either.

  • Andrew P

    Outlier makes some really sharp, classy-looking stuff. But, even if the materials are high-end, it’s impossible for me to justify $75 on a wool hat (or $240 on slacks) even in non-recession times.

    It’s a little over the top.

  • Understood. I by no means have the money for luxury items at the moment. I’m actually selling my “luxury bike items” to be able to afford the staples.

    Times are indeed tough. I just try not to think about it too much.

  • Abe

    The wool pants are an experiment, no idea if we make them again. Believe it or not though $240 is a pretty good price for wool pants of that quality, but yeah I’m not going to try and push that sort of stuff on people. Either you are down for buying that type of thing or you aren’t and I can fully understand the position.

    The hats on the other hand, I’ll defend that price no problem. We are making seriously high quality hats in New York City out of top notch materials. $75 may seem high compared to a $15 cotton joint, but ours will last far longer, handle the rain in a way that cheap ones can’t even dream of and it it’ll look and fit far better too. It’s an expensive initial drop for sure, but it’s well worth it.

  • Well put. Thanks Abe!