Mosher, we <3 you... Dec 12, 2008

Fixed Gear Barspin Tutorial from Tom Mosher on Vimeo.

This is too funny. Good video dude. I’m laughing, but it’s only because your outfit is so awesome.

  • PTK

    Maybe you should put him on DART so that nobody can laugh at him anymore

  • Trust me, people still laugh at you when you’re wearing Mishka. hahaha.

    Tom’s a good guy. He’s doing well for himself and this spot. Big ups my Canadian buddy.

  • Josh

    sam miller tom mosher and steve heartly seem to be the newest up and comers are they on dart yet?

  • Sam Miller is. Steve is not. Nor is Tom Mosher. Come Spring, we’re going to pick up a few more.

  • Steve Hartley

    Thanks prolly! and who the hell is josh hahahah just kidding prolly

  • steve hartley

    Oh my bad i read it wrong and thought it meant something different

  • Thanks for sharing this Prolly!

    I would gladly retire my tattered girl jeans for some selvage denim! ;)