Monster Track X Dec 21, 2008


The OG track bike alleycat is back. NYC holds it down proper. Monstertrack will never die. Get ready. Ulgade’s artwork is bananas. BOOM!

  • Intergalatic Deth Shred.

  • tc

    I’ll be there for XI.

  • HM

    that is a strange race. it started as a messenger race and now it is a hipster race, by now brakes are prolly allowed, eh?

  • Don’t let the messengers who race or organize it hear you say it’s a “hipster” race. I can safely assure you that it wouldn’t end pretty.

    It’s still largely a messenger race. Still 100% brakeless [if you want to place in the top 20] and still as grueling as ever. Naysayers aside, it’s a fun race that tests your wits and where else can you ride with a pack of 200+ people up 1st Ave to the 60’s in that initial sprint?

    I think MT has suffered the same fate as most “track bike culture”. It’s become really famous and everyone wants in on it. Which is why it was “canceled” last year and yet it was still thrown.

    It’ll always live on, in one form or the other. NYC is the one place where no matter how popular fixed gears get, there will still be underground events.

  • dan

    john, ist brakeless if you want to race. has nothing to do with where you place. there are plenty of allycats that allow you to ride whatever bike you want. MonsterTrack is not one of them. Please respect the event and if you cant ride brakeless, then dont race. its that simple.

    dont take this as a negative comment this is just the nature of the event that has been around longer then many of us and should be respected.