MKE 700c Unicrown Fork Dec 3, 2008


It feels like it’s been ages since I first began talking to Milwaukee Bicycle Co. about doing a Fixed Gear bike designed for the ever-evolving freestyle rider. We’ve logged in many many Gmail conversations over the past few months and finally, the fruits of our labor have begun to ripen.


Here it is, well part of it anyway, the new MKE 700c Unicrown Fork. I can’t really go into to much detail about the specifications because it’s a prototype, but I can say that it fits on my Gangsta Track fine and even gives me more clearance for barspins than the stock one did. It’s designed for a steeper HTA, so the bike handles a bit differently, but in a good way. It is not as long as the Black Market or DMR forks because it’s designed specifically for a 700c wheel. Not a rigid 26″ bike.


Within the next few weeks, you’ll see the second installment of this project. I can’t wait. Milwaukee has been great about supporting this evolving sport. Their ability to change their products based on rider feedback will set this bike apart from the rest.


Ride / Relax!


  • allen

    great looking fork. I thought about the handling when I purchased my fork as you did. I initially went with a DMR but found it to be too high so I went with a Identit fork. The handling has seemed to of improved and it isnt as high at 425mm axle to crown. The new Volume cutter forks will be 409mm, tight clearance and still barspins. Those interested should check out the new 09 NS RNS fork, lower axle to crown and lighter than ever.

  • How the rims holding up?
    (noticing the rear)

    (Sun Ringle employeeee)

  • I have yet to lace up the rear, hence the janky-ass deep v that I’ve killed over time. I got drunk and tried coloring it in with a Sharpie.

    Once I get the Profile hub in the mail, I’ll lace it up. The front has taken quit a beating and is holding up great!

  • wow, looking real real nice.
    I’m interested how the wheel clearance difference effects the overlap.
    I have a charge nozzle fork, but ride a small frame so I still don’t have a ton of clearance..

    can you post a picture with the fork turned backwards? :)

  • chuck

    you should convince them to do at least a small run of these in 1″

  • your bike looks sweet, i’m jealous. got any suggestions for pimping out a swobo sanchez?

  • TOM

    Come on, we all know Super Ted was rocking the DQM sticker in the same spot!

  • Cam

    Sorry to be naive, but what saddle are you sporting there? Is it Selle turbo?

  • Cam

    Sorry, found it in your earlier post – Grunge Saddle

  • Tom!

    NO SHIT! Why do you think I’d put it there in the first place!


  • Chuck,

    A 1″ steerer seems highly problematic. 1 1/8″ forks will be stronger and a frame that uses a 1″ steerer would most likely break from the additional leverage such a beefy fork would give it.


    Not sure man, just browse ebay and other online sites till you find something that suits your taste.


    Correct. It’s comparable to the turbo and less $$$

  • unicrown forks are not easy on the eyes. I like the stock forks better.

  • EVAN

    what did you do with your gangsta track fork that was on your surly, and the one that was on this bike? Care to sell it?

  • Evan,

    I don’t have the fork that was on my Surly and I will most likely be selling the Gangsta in a few weeks. When that happens the fork will be sold with it.

  • Selling the Gangsta? That means a full Milwaukee bike

    Now the question is:

    Can/would you put pegs on the new fork/bike???

  • Regarding the pegs:

    Not sure. Me, personally, no, I wouldn’t put pegs on the bike.

  • el grizz

    and it’s black!