Mean Combo Dec 2, 2008

YFG 2 from YFG on Vimeo.

…at the end. Kosuke from Yo!kohama Fixed Gear killing it.

He’s also the only person I’ve seen get anywhere close to fakie wheelies on a fixed gear. Well, I guess those artistic cyclists can do it.

I gotta thank Kyoichi again for this one!

  • Tyler has been getting the fakie wheelies, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone else attempt this.

  • Tom does something similar in BLS2, over a manual pad. Like what Tyler did in the last Seattle vid you posted.

    This kid’s getting more than one crank. Is Tyler doing that too? Shit’s nutso!

    I made a post a bit back on YFG, where I first saw his “slow roll” – the 180 tap to backpedal…

  • I’m working this concept too. I can do the ‘slow roll’ and straight up fakie wheelies.

    It’s hard to get them very far, but that’s also what I used to say about fakie in general. ;)