London Bloody London Dec 24, 2008

Don’t Panic X Fixed Gear London from Steve_B on Vimeo.

Another great video from the Fixed Gear London / Charge crew. Awesome street riding. Pulling quick street lines is so much fun. Being able to ride around a city hitting spots along the way is one of the best feelings you can have on a bike. Also note his barspin bunnyhop with a 700c wheel [with lots of overlap] and that big baller-ass 6 set that he effortlessly 180’s down! All on a bike that’s set up to roll around on a take a beating!

Big ups guys. The Vans bike looks great. Now take care of my boys when they’re over there in a few weeks. I can see Ted and Tony getting along great! Fixed Fight Club?

Thanks Burd for the head’s up!

  • Daniel

    Just my 2 cents as a bicycle club member and somewhat activist for liveable streets. Hard to argue with careless car drivers, if they are right in telling that we are just the same when its about traffic laws and respecting other people on the streets. Here in Hungary we have a hard time dealing with careless kids riding full speed on sidewalks scaring old people, instead of using their bikes as a vehicle on the road. So if you are doing vids, would be great if u wouldnt give them bad ideas, and wouldnt make the traffic situation worse than it is already. At least leave the pedestrians out of the (marketing) game, thank you.

  • chris

    i don’t know what the laws are in london, but here in new york city it is illegal to ride on sidewalks. cops will stop you and ticket you no matter how slowly or carefully you’re riding, so i doubt you’ll see much of that from over here.