Japanese Pop Electro Dec 2, 2008

3bancho part34 from hc100 on Vimeo.

…and tailwhip [whhhhhhhhhhhip] action. JAN needs to make a unicrown fork don’t they dude?

  • Kyoichi

    those things are so hard to ride away…
    btw, that’s a surly steamroller fork
    on there. since my frame is made with a
    oversized headtube.

    njs framebuilders don’t have os fork crowns,
    nor do they know how to make unicrown forks.
    well, generally speaking. some builders do it

    but that would be awesome though!

  • I thought the fork looked familiar. Well, it’s a nice bike regardless!

    Tailwhips look good. I’ve never tried them because I’ve heard they’re pretty difficult.

  • wilis

    Nice!! Stoked that other people are practicing those. Super hard for sure but worth it.