Get with it! Dec 11, 2008

Bonerjamz from Ian Roche on Vimeo.

Thanks Kyle, this video just made my day. Just say NO to Carbon!


Ben just alerted me that it’s an aluminum Leader road fork. Not carbon fiber. The fork was already cracked before this clip.

Damn guys, be careful with those!

  • Ben

    It’s a Leader Road aluminum fork

  • damn! really? what’s the deal with it? I wouldn’t ride one of those for tricks regardless. Broken forks = broken teeth.

  • Yeah it’s an AL fork.

    Also, it had already started cracking before this clip.

  • steel is real… but you should obviously use something made for what you are using it for.
    ridged carbon mtb forks are next.

  • Now that IS next level. I still don’t trust Carbon fiber. And the reason people ride Carbon is because it’s lighter, for racing. BMXrs haven’t switched to carbon forks for tricks yet, so I don’t foresee this happening for quite some time.

    Also, carbon forks need to be bonded to the steerer. Look at the Wound ups. Most carbon forks will have to have a crown. The crown will most likely be aluminum. That connection is basically glue. Nothing else.

    I don’t trust glue to hold together. Bigger wheels = more leverage too. Forks are weak already, switching to a weave will suck!

  • Actually, the reason people ride Carbon Fiber is that it can be sculpted and shaped to really finely control where a frame is stiff and where it’s light.

    Other carbon forks have an alu crown, too, but it’s usually painted over and smoothed to match. Remember that picture of the trickster on a Pista Concept with a broken fork?