Fixed Gears and New Years Dec 31, 2008


I have to admit, this past year ruled. I was looking through some old pictures that Luke finally got around to developing when it dawned on me; we’re all into this fixed gear trick thing and it’s still so young. Where will we be next year? Who knows. But I agree with Zlog, this year’s Bicycle Film Fest was awesome. We got to ride with some straight rippers from all over the country and even a Canadian! Everyone is developing their own styles of riding and their own approaches. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hill-bomber riding a track bike or a 700cbmx rider doing 180’s, we’re all in this for the same reason. It’s fun!

May next year one-up this past year and I hope everyone sticks with this sport. Let’s all push it to the next level!

… and yes Snob, more macro pr0n to come in the future.

  • A lot of my old head contemporaries have kinda caught feelings as of late w/ the “hippness” of their coveted fixies. IT’s been their’s for too long. The ground not trod by fashion in nearly a century. F. That. It’s wonderful. It invigorates my faith in humanity to see the most intimate, sexy, simple version of man’s miracle we call bicycle come into vogue. let’s push it, dance with it, and see where it goes. Shred it up 2nite everyone!!!!!!

  • Jon Martin

    Right arm!

  • I hope next year everyone has a chance to meet up again.