Affinity Sale Dec 19, 2008


Need a new bike for the holidays? Want a pursuit-style frame but don’t feel like getting in an eBay bidding war for a Tommasini? Pick up an Affinity for a solid price.


$500 frame and fork. small, medium and large.

Edit: Sale is extended through tomorrow, December 23rd.

Buy today or saturday and get a free, aheadset, bottom bracket and seat post clamp.

Call the shop and ask for cellblock or colin. 718.384.5181

Matte white or matte black.


  • Those frames are sweet! If they’re the ones I’m thinking of they’re very agressively set up with slanting pursuit top-tubes, very cool to see those in current production.

    I’m visiting NYC from salt lake, Prolly, and heard about Affinity from your site. When I went in to check out the shop there was this steezed-out stickered up fixed freestyle bike with a beer stein on the fork and a mtb 29r front rim rollin on profiles. Very cool to meet your bike even if you weren’t around, man :).

    Outlier is way cool too, thanks for reviewing all their stuff.

  • HAHA. Awesome man. Yeah, the rear wheel needed some love. Miguel’s an awesome mechanic and the rest of the crew are always worth a few laughs.

  • kian tat

    awesome….how do i make order? do you post to malaysia?